The 2020s trends – rapid digital transformation and social development – call for innovative solutions that are built through collaboration.

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Joint efforts for collective advantages 

Society benefits from collaborative initiatives on many levels. Partnerships increase the ability to build value, as the exchange of perspectives leads to inventive outcomes. Moreover, collaboration delivers social benefits – such as strengthened trust among its members, enhanced social responsibility, and increased interest in creativity and learning.

Active collaboration in research and development undoubtedly fosters innovation. It accelerates the pace of building associations between different ideas, which is one of the most direct routes toward innovation. Compounded with immediate feedback and inter-team synergy, collaboration inevitably leads to successful outcomes.

Our outlook

For LMT, collaborative projects and partnerships are the basis for building our work and producing innovations. As a mobile operator, we’ve kept an eye on our customer base’s continuously developing needs. At the same time, our R&D branches keep up with the latest technology advancements and trends. As a result, this gives us a unique perspective on how these trends can be applied to meet real customer needs.

LMT’s experience and knowledge of technologically advanced projects together with our talented teams make us a great partner for external collaboration. Our solid basis of partnership know-how significantly eases the process of cooperation for all involved. We believe that open innovation and community partnerships have a snowball effect that benefits everyone from companies and industries to society in general.

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