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A mobile data network isn’t evenly loaded - thus, the opportunity lies in monetizing the free capacity of a mobile data network.



As we are approaching market saturation with voice and mobile internet users, we were faced with the need to add new products to compensate for a potential decrease in revenue from our core services - we needed to become more than just a pipe, more than just mobile data providers. We believe we found it - a TV service that can be delivered through the mobile network.


We did that by creating a mobile network-delivered smart television service, built on the Android TV platform and streaming though our mobile broadband data package. 

Why mobile internet-powered TV?

Mobile operators are currently already overloaded with users streaming content. But the operators are not the creators, nor beneficiaries of this streaming. That makes the networks overloaded without additional revenue. 

For over two years now, we've been providing mobile TV as a commercial service and have proven that it is both technically possible and profitable. Customers have been streaming HD quality TV with no lag time - even at peak hours. 

Adding TV to our product list, in addition to mobile network services and home mobile broadband, has made us a one-stop service provider for many customers. It has also let us gain a larger market share in the telecommunications industry - with 60% of TV clients becoming new mobile broadband clients. When it comes to being more than just mobile data providers, we can confidently say - mission accomplished. Not only that, but it is a service that's ready to adopt 5G when it becomes available, making it a ready-made use case.

The development of a project of this scale has not been linear, and has involved overcoming a considerable learning curve. However we were able to prove that it is possible to add more customers to the mobile network and increase revenue. To implement this project is not easy, but we would be willing to share our experience with other mobile operators looking to make the jump - avoid the mistakes we made, and reduce your time to market.  

Drop us a line if you want to know what we learned in more than 10 years of delivering TV over mobile!

A mobile data network isn’t evenly loaded - thus, the opportunity lies in monetizing the free capacity of a mobile data network.


Edgars Goncars

Head of TV

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