Red light enforcement solution


Increasing public safety with transportation monitoring at intersections



Every year over 80,000 people are killed on European roads. 24,000 of them are pedestrians or cyclists, i.e., vulnerable road users. In reality, a substantial amount of road accidents occur due to running red lights. But how can red light enforcement be implemented with minimal changes to existing infrastructure and for a reasonable cost?


The red light enforcement solution makes use of a plug-and-play transport monitoring system at intersections. It requires minimal interference into existing infrastructure, incurs comparatively low costs, and effectively uses the mobile network to process relevant data via edge computing. 

The monitoring system consists of a surveillance camera that can be set up at any intersection with access to electricity. With the use of edge computing, images and video footage of identified infringements are sent to the cloud for further processing and eventually, enforcement. 

The system's innovation lies in its ability to deliver functionality at a low cost. Installation is nowhere near the exorbitant expenses of installing city infrastructure that municipalities are used to. The solution was made to retrofit existing cameras and solutions, to function in a plug-and-play capacity, and can be installed in less than a day's time. It also does not require any specific network configuration to be installed and works on the existing 4G network. In the future, a sliced, secure 5G network can be provided for this channel.

The solution is also easily implemented from the perspective that it is able to bypass any other infrastructure partners and subcontractors who are in control of certain infrastructure, and who may be hostile to the idea. The successful implementation of this solution requires only two parties – the law enforcement agency and the municipality itself.

The red light enforcement solution bridges an important gap between the current city environment and the future vision of a safe, liveable, and smart city. This provides the first step in converting a city into a smart city, equipping it with data collection, analysis tools, and smart services.

System integrators, municipalities, and law enforcement organizations are invited to contact us for more information in implementing the red light enforcement solution in an intersection near you. 

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The system's innovation lies in its ability to deliver functionality at a low cost


Karlis Vilcins

Partnership Manager