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SmartMEX - Business phone system for mobile generation


Replace your traditional office lines with a modern, mobile ready business phone system.



Traditional office phone lines are an uncomfortable, expensive mess of wires that are complicated to setup, expensive to maintain and aren't able to offer the latest phone management opportunities. Meanwhile IP telephony is tied to the data network, which can often lead to quality inconsistencies and call interruptions.


By utilizing our back-end media management service, we have created a modern business phone system for mobile devices that combines the best features from both technologies - the reliability and call quality of traditional phone call systems, as well as the many call management opportunities provided by IP telephony. 

It encapsulates full PBX functionality over GSM, with a wide variety of opportunities as well. A web-based self-service platform for end-clients allows for easy service management and configuration through smartphone applications with intuitive and native UX. The mobile app has features such as call transfer, group calls, voicemail and others. On top of it all, an open API makes it easy to integrate with other apps and services. The extensive reporting module gives access to call-related data critical to businesses. For the client, it means full real-time call statistics and reports for informed business decisions.

SmartMEX is developed to be offered exclusively by telecommunication operators with mobile network infrastructure. This project is already graduated, and has been implemented in a variety of markets. With Low CAPEX and white label package it is ideal for operators to create a perfect SaaS offering for their local B2B market.

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As a white label product, it is ideal for telecommunication operators to create a perfect SaaS product to offer to business, with a low CAPEX.


Didzis Purmalis

Partnership Manager