Real-time AI urban video analytics

Using AI to transform urban data into valuable information that ensures increased road safety and traffic optimization.


There’s a growing need for analyzing pedestrian and transport traffic in urban environments. The challenge is doing so without violating personal data privacy. That would require finding a way to implement smart monitoring in both an effective and GDPR-compliant manner, and we believe that the solution is found in AI capabilities.

Project development

LMT has partnered with Fyma, an Estonia-based company that offers a GDPR-compliant computer vision solution that turns any CCTV camera into an intelligent analytics tool. 

LMT plays a crucial role in delivering the real time AI video analytics solution to its potential users. We set up, configure, and provide maintenance for certified network cameras, and securely send the video stream via the 4G network to Fyma servers. There, the stream is analyzed using multiple neural networks to obtain actionable data. LMT can provide reliable analytics in locations that lack infrastructure, and without our input and support the real time AI video analytics wouldn’t be so widely available. 

Only the necessary data points obtained from the video stream are saved (no video footage or photos are saved in any format), ensuring data privacy and full compliance with GDPR regulations. Because the video stream is analyzed in real-time, there’s no need for it to be recorded or saved. 

This anonymized smart monitoring can be highly beneficial for municipal planning, and can inform major projects such as road maintenance and infrastructure planning. Moreover, the solution can benefit smaller spaces such as retail areas, business parks, parking lots, campuses, and residential areas. The AI video analytics provides increased data visibility allowing to optimize and predict the flow of movement, which can inform decisions related to an infinite range of industries, including retail and public safety.

Understanding and abating epidemics with AI

In a collaboration with the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Fyma technology is being used to conduct a research project related to epidemiological spread. It involves a multidisciplinary approach to developing smart solutions to surveil public behaviour to control current and future epidemics.

Within the project, a camera anonymously analyzes pedestrian and transportation flow and behavior. It is hoped that this will provide insight on how to reduce the spread of debilitating viruses using AI. 

Further steps

LMT is open to enabling smart monitoring solutions for those interested in making data-driven decisions based on behavioural analysis of the masses. Our equipment sets, quick installation, and 4G mobile network combined with Fyma AI analysis will provide local customers with new traffic optimization capabilities and allow making informed strategic decisions. 

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