Smoke and air quality alarm

A device that monitors indoor air quality and determines fire danger levels, leading to increased safety and enhanced life quality.


Countless buildings all over the world don’t have adequate protection against fire. The majority of smoke alarms aren’t connected to centralized systems, so they can only be effective when the alarm signal is heard by someone – hopeless for empty buildings or in cases when no one is close enough to catch the alarm’s sound. 

Additionally, poor indoor air quality has become a more significant issue than ever before. It lacks proper monitoring and, with time, can affect the human cardiovascular system and intensify various respiratory conditions. Therefore, the need for both air quality monitoring and well-connected smoke alarms demonstrate the demand for innovation in these areas.

Increased fire safety and improved indoor air quality

LMT’s new smoke and air quality alarm, created for use in homes, aims to solve fire prevention and indoor air quality monitoring issues. Safety is paramount, so the device continuously monitors smoke, carbon monoxide, and temperature, while inhabitants’ wellbeing is catered for by tracking the index of air quality, temperature, and humidity levels. 

Moreover, the alarm connects to the internet via the mobile network and can send alerts to mobile phones, monitoring officers, and fire stations, providing a fast exchange of information. Benefits of the smoke and air quality alarm include:

  • Easy and fast device installation that doesn’t require specific skills
  • Quicker response when dealing with the fire 
  • Significantly fewer false alarms as the device can determine the type of fire and level of danger 
  • Increased home safety due to the alarm’s broad alerts
  • Ability to interconnect the devices via Bluetooth – if one alarm detects a threat, all of the connected alarms begin to signal the danger
  • Improved air quality as the device provides crucial indoor air molecular analysis and continuous monitoring
  • Effective in areas away from a wired supply due to the device’s extended battery life 
  • No WiFi or special hub required – the device can be placed anywhere in a building
  • The device a cost-effective alternative to other likewise smart home solutions 

Additionally, a dedicated app (both for iOS and Android) enables an option to check the alarm’s status and control it while receiving real-time notifications remotely as determined by the device’s configuration.

It can determine danger level, thus minimizing false alarms as well as automatically informing the local firefighter department.

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