In 2021, Europe's leading 5G ecosystem forum, 5G Techritory, delivered several firsts. Here's a list of must-see sessions from this year's Forum.

In 2021, Europe’s leading 5G ecosystem forum, 5G Techritory, delivered several firsts – 4 days of sessions and side events, a record number of participants, 250 speakers from 34 countries, and more.

While this year’s 5G Techritory main discussions were on and around the opportunities for the collective best use of the European funds to unblock the real value of 5G, the Forum’s agenda covered a wide variety of topics. LMT, the Forum’s strategic partner, was represented by 8 speakers who participated in innovation-focused sessions both as keynote speakers and alongside other 5G industry leaders in panel discussions. 

Our experts shared knowledge and experience on drones, mobility, and defence innovations. Thus, we’ve selected several must-see talks covering these topics both with the participation of LMT speakers and other industry experts. Follow the links below to rewatch the talks on Youtube in case you missed this year’s 5G Techritory.

Must-hear content on 5G and drone innovations:

Talks on 5G-enabled mobility:

Latest updates on defence innovations in 5G: