A 40% decrease in violations has been observed in an intersection in Liepāja city, Latvia, since the official deployment of LMT’s smart red light enforcement system. LMT’s solution was launched as an official traffic control tool at the intersection this March. As a result, the number of violations at this junction with previously high traffic accident rates has decreased by around 40% in April and May compared to February and March.

The red light enforcement system is the first of its kind that has been officially integrated into the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) and municipal police ticketing system in Latvia. Now it’s possible to make use of the data for issuing traffic tickets. The system is currently available for implementation in any Latvian municipality. 

The system has been active in an observational capacity since 2019 in the intersection in Liepāja. After the official launch of the system, Liepaja has become the first city to use innovative road safety solutions in Latvia.

The particular intersection has long been a traffic hotspot in Liepāja with at least one severe traffic accident per year due to violating the red traffic light signal. Data shows that LMT's system has significantly improved the traffic culture here, and we're certain that the red light enforcement system will remain active in our city,

says Gunārs Ansiņš, Chairman of the Liepaja City Council.

The innovation of LMT’s red light enforcement system lies in its ability to make any existing intersection smart without the need for costly and time-consuming construction. By upgrading existing intersections with the LMT smart system, municipalities do not require major investments to benefit from smart city technologies. The red light enforcement system is fully 4G/LTE compatible and can be installed in any intersection with mobile network coverage and access to electricity. Additionally, the system ensures full compliance with GDPR, safeguarding individuals’ privacy and data protection rights.

We are pleased to see the results our innovation has delivered in Liepāja thus far. The red light enforcement system holds immense potential to improve traffic safety, and LMT hopes that more municipalities will consider its benefits and implement the smart system. According to CSDD data, in Latvia, a considerable amount of accidents with injuries or casualties are caused by violating traffic rules in regulated intersections, including red light violations. Thus, LMT's solution can deliver the needed shift in traffic safety,

says Juris Binde, President of LMT.

The red light enforcement system can also identify additional traffic violations at intersections, such as driving in public transport lanes, stopping in the intersection, illegal turns, driving the wrong way in a one-way lane, driving without a valid roadworthiness certificate, and more.