Europe’s leading 5G ecosystem event, 5G Techritory, goes live today. Taking place online and in Riga, Latvia, on November 29-30, the phygital event will gather the industry’s leading minds, innovators, and policymakers – including LMT representatives.

LMT has been with the 5G Techritory forum since day one. In 2022, the event will celebrate its 5th anniversary, and our team is thrilled to be a part of this celebration. The forum’s overarching theme this year is “Future life”. It will imagine the form that future networks, technologies, and services will take, and, taking a step further, participants will develop the business models, policies, and ecosystems to enable that future.

LMT’s team is joining the event both on-stage as speakers and off-stage as listeners, side-event hosts, and participants. 

Our representatives will be discussing a wide range of topics – here are some of them:

  • OTT regulation – future of connectivity in the EU, Nov. 29, 13:30-14:10 (EET), joined by LMT’s President and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Juris Binde
  • Drone traffic in the cities – are we there yet?, Nov. 29, 14:30-15:10 (EET), joined by Drone pilot trainer at LMT, Mikus Porietis
  • Connected soldier, Nov. 29, 15:30-16:10 (EET), joined by Head of Business Area, Defence and Public Safety at LMT, Kaspars Pollaks
  • Secure Data Transfer – powered by LVRTC, Nov 29, 16:30-17:10 (EET), joined by Egons Bušs, LMT’s Security Director
  • 5G in Defence, Nov. 30, 11:10-11:50 (EET), joined by Vice President and Member of the Management Board, Ingmārs Pūķis
  • Intelligent transport in action – powered by LVRTC, Nov. 30, 14:50-15:30 (EET), joined by Arturs Lindenbergs, Innovation Lead at LMT
  • Side event: OpenRAN by UK&NB8, with the participation of Gunārs Danbergs, VP of Technology at LMT

Additionally, on the 29th of November, 14:30-17:30 (EET), LMT as the consortium member of the 5G-ROUTES project, will host a workshop – Seamless connectivity over the sea and on harbors

In this workshop, LMT, alongside other project participants and selected 5G Techritory attendees, will discuss how 5G could enable various solutions over the sea, identify the first possible case studies enabled by such technologies, and discuss the main barriers to their implementation. On November 30, 16:00-16:40 (EET), the workshop team will present its results over a discussion session. 

Tune in at to live-stream the panels or save your virtual seat for the event if you still need to!

If you’re unable to attend or live-stream the 5G Techritory 2022 discussion but would like to hear more about LMT’s approach to innovations, here’s a conversation with Ingmārs Pūķis, our VP and Member of the Board.