This year, Europe’s foremost 5G ecosystem event, 5G Techritory, is scheduled to take place from October 18th to October 19th in Riga, Latvia. The event will gather the industry’s key experts, innovators, and policymakers – including representatives from LMT.

LMT has been a strategic partner and active participant in the 5G Techritory forum since its inception. In 2023, the forum will celebrate its sixth year with the overarching theme, “5G in Action.” The focus will be on 5G’s growth potential and exploring emerging technologies, trends, and strategies that will shape the digital landscape in the coming years.

The LMT team will step onto the main stages as speakers, actively participate in side events, and share our expertise on a wide range of topics.

Our experts will participate in the following panel discussions:

  • 24/7 Connectivity for Defence Forces – How Do We Provide It?

Oct 18, 13:00-13:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s VP & Member of the Management Board, Ingmārs Pūķis

  • Indoor 5G Enabling New Revenue Streams

Oct 18, 13:00-13:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Ventures Department Director, Aigars Runčis

  • Cybersecurity in IoT

Oct 18, 15:00-15:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Security Director, Egons Bušs

  • Technology and Innovation for Boosting Economy and Connectivity in Rural Areas of Europe

Oct 19, 10:00-10:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s President & Chairman of the Management Board, Juris Binde

  • Overcoming 5G Challenges and Fostering Collaboration: Reflections from the Nordic-Baltic Countries

Oct 19, 12:00-12:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Head of Innovations Ecosystems, Elina Lidere

  • Open RAN Security: A Critical Look at the Threat Landscape

Oct 19, 14:00-14:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Vice President, CTO & Member of the Management Board, Gunārs Danbergs

LMT will also take part in several side events

  • Supporting Innovation Through Competition: Spotlight on the UK’s and the Baltic Sea Region’s Approach to Future Telecoms R&D

Oct 17, 15:50-16:30 (EEST), joined by Ingmārs Pūķis

  • #5GMadeTogether: Open RAN Deployments – What’s Next for CEE

Oct 18, 13:00-15:00 (EEST), joined by Gunārs Danbergs

  • Defence 5G Use-Cases by MOD of Latvia

Oct 18, 16:30-18:00 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Innovation Leader for Defence & Public Safety, Armands Meirāns

  • Bridging Industry and Academia Data Gap – The Human Side of It

Oct 19, 10:00-13:00 (EEST), joined by Ingmārs Pūķis

  • 5G Compad Activities

Oct 19, 11:30-11:50 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Head of Business Area, Defence and Public Safety, Kaspars Pollaks

  • Meaningful Digital Transformation for Cities – Liepaja’s Steps Towards Becoming a People-Oriented Smart City and Building a Path to Cityverse

Oct 19, 14:00-17:00 (EEST), joined by LMT’s Sales Manager, Gļebs Černovs

  • 5G for Verticals: From Large Scale Trials to Adoption, Driving Economic Value in Europe

Oct 19, 14:00-17:00 (EEST), joined by Elina Lidere

We look forward to an engaging and insightful 5G Techritory this year. You can join us by live-streaming the panels at Haven’t registered yet? Secure your spot for in-person or online participation here.