LMT is collaborating with the computer vision startup Fyma to develop computer vision and AI-powered road analytics services for municipalities in the Baltics under LMT's traffic monitoring platform (TMP).

It will consist of a full-service traffic monitoring solution, including camera setup, analytic software, and maintenance. The innovative product provides insight into urban movement and behaviour, thus informing city planners to empower decision making in regards to urban development.

Fyma is on a mission to unlock the value currently hidden within existing video footage with the help of AI. By leveraging existing video footage, decision-makers in areas ranging from urban planning and commercial real estate to transportation and retail can make more granular and informed business decisions.

Karen K. Burns, Fyma co-founder and CEO

This is an original service that will be offered to begin with in the Baltic states. The functionality requires a single camera to observe and analyse movement in any indoor or outdoor location. The solution can identify traffic volume, type of traffic (ex. pedestrian, car, bicycle, etc.), dwell time (the amount of time they stay in the observed location), trajectory, as well as the demographics of observed humans. It will help city planners identify which are the most dangerous locations in the city, which require additional infrastructure, as well as the ability to track offenses for further planning. 

As a mobility innovator, we want to help cities solve their traffic problems while using the technologies available. By using the combination of our hardware know-how, the strong mobile network in the Baltics, as well as Fyma's AI-based analytics, we're able offer cities the best solutions to make their public spaces safer.

Elina Lidere, Head of Innovations Ecosystems at LMT

The service is completely GDPR compliant. It can only be used to acquire anonymous analytical data – no video is kept, images are not viewed, and faces are not identified by the software.

The product has previously been piloted in the city of Valmiera in collaboration with Vidzeme University. There, it was used as a part of a scientific study to understand human behaviour around a Covid-19 informational poster, and ran for three months. It is also currently being tested in the London Olympic Legacy Park, where the AI is being trained to detect and analyse e-scooter and e-bike traffic, as it is a growing concern in many municipalities.

The product is available to municipalities and governments in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It can be licensed via a monthly subscription fee. The end-to-end service includes mounting the devices, taking them down or moving them to a new location, device maintenance as well as providing access to the control panel.

About Fyma

Fyma is a computer vision AI-powered platform that allows you to enhance your existing camera equipment into a powerful video analytics tool. By leveraging existing video footage, urban planners and business owners can understand activity and behavior in their spaces to make more granular and informed business decisions. No additional hardware needed. 100% GDPR compliant.