The recent launch of Europe's first 5G military test site in Latvia has enabled the development and testing of various innovative 5G use cases.

That includes several applications of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality), and one of them is a highly anticipated medical VR training platform powered by LMT’s 5G network.

Latvia became the first European country to launch a 5G military test site, accelerating 5G military applications and defence innovations in NATO countries. Among other use cases up for testing, such as support systems for unmanned aerial vehicles and computer vision and sensor solutions done with EDGE computing components, VR medical training, in particular, has been at the center of attention.

In cooperation with several Latvian tech companies and the Latvian National Armed Forces, a practical demonstration took place during the 5G military test site opening on November 12, 2020, showcasing medical VR multiplayer as a viable training option for the military industry. The VR multiplayer was simultaneously tested from LMT’s main office building and the 5G military test site. Both of the players were operating via LMT’s 5G connection provided by the Latvian-made 5G router.

The training test was enabled by a powerful server from the Latvia State Radio and Television Center. Through the server, the NVIDIA CloudXR software ensured the streaming for the Exonicus Trauma Simulator that simulated a specific scenario that could take place in military medicine, TRIAGE. In addition to using VR glasses during the test practice, training participants also tested an augmented reality headset by LightSpace Technologies, made in Latvia.

Latvia holds a variety of prerequisites that allow developing products with a high-leveled added value. The solutions resulting from the cooperation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and defence specialists create a chance for Latvia to become a highly-considerable player in the global market of military technologies.

Lieutenant General and Commander of the Latvian National Armed Forces, Leonīds Kalniņš

The medical VR training, tested by the Latvian National Armed Forces, allows military professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills in dealing with trauma via a virtual multiplayer platform. Since the training takes place in a virtual environment, it allows participants to engage in the practice from various locations.

The next step for a new generation medical training within the 5G network is facilitating more VR and AR innovations in the process. It is expected that the next year may bring 5G enabled VR glasses and some experimental solutions combining AR and 5G.