The first 5G laboratory in Latvia has been established by mobile operator LMT and IT company MikroTik as a playground for the development of 5G prototypes and products.

This laboratory has already produced the 5G router that was recently announced, which is expected to be made publicly available in Q1 of 2021. It also produced the 4G router that was made available early in 2020. The laboratory is intended to produce additional products and prototypes that enhance connectivity and data transmission.

For several years now LMT has been working together with partners not only on the development of the 5G network and infrastructure in Latvia, but also in developing innovative technologies that will let us fully make use of the benefits provided by 5G. This development requires specific technical knowledge, skills, and expertise, as well as an environment for work, research, and testing. The development of this laboratory is one of the main prerequisites for the ability for innovations to thrive in Latvia, as it opens the doors to work on the product while it is still in the development stage.

Juris Binde, president of LMT

MikroTik co-founder and head of the board, John Tully, emphasizes the importance of developing various devices that are able to make use of the 5G network, to fully enjoy its benefits. Some of those benefits include new opportunities in connected and autonomous vehicles, enhanced reality, big data, machine learning, Internet of Things, and AI solutions.

We're already seeing how entirely new technological opportunities developed in the 5G network infrastructure are fostering new products and solutions in diverse industries, just like we saw 4G disrupt the broadband internet and TV service market. That's why we've developed a 5G router together with LMT, which will make it possible for connected devices to access the required volumes and quality of data transmission.

John Tully, co-founder of MikroTik

The 5G laboratory is located in the VEFRESH innovation district in the legendary VEF factory building, which in its time was the center of technology and innovation not only in Latvia, but in the entire region. This location was not chosen at random – VEF was the creator of LMT, and in a way, both LMT and MikroTik are the successors of VEF’s ambitions.