LMT has become a partner at ETIS Telco – a community of Europe's major telecom operators and vendors. LMT's Director of Customer Service Support Operations, Antons Liseckis, has joined ETIS as the member of the Management Board.

ETIS is a non-profit organization that brings together the key players of Europe’s telecom industry to enable knowledge sharing, drive collaboration, and help members reach their business goals more effectively. Some of the partners include Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Orange, Telia Company, and Swisscom. Altogether, ETIS unites 40 partners and supporting parties from 19 countries across Europe.

LMT joins the organization to share their experience building mobile innovations, and learn from other telecom operators innovating in the same field. By ensuring a safe environment, ETIS enables mutually beneficial knowledge sharing in the otherwise closed telecommunication industry.

ETIS is an excellent platform and a great opportunity for us to learn from our colleagues in the telecom industry. There are many mobile operators across Europe that are building innovative, ground-breaking solutions. Hearing the lessons they've learned, as well as sharing our own, will help everyone save money and hours of time on unnecessary steps. We're especially excited to cooperate with the members from other EU countries that are dealing with the same challenges as we do – GDPR, RLAH, and others.

Ingmars Pukis, VP Marketing and Business Development & Member of the Management Board, LMT

ETIS organizes 25+ meetings every year to discuss the industry’s latest trends, best practices, and use cases, as well as produce practical working papers and submissions for European projects. The strategic focus of these meetings is on finding innovative services and new revenue sources, improving customer experience and data security, and more.