LMT takes part in the collaborative building of a modular unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) as a member of the iMUGS project.

LMT is one of the consortium members involved in the iMUGS (integrated modular unmanned ground systems) project that has been recently approved by the European Commission Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).

The project brings together 14 leading European defence, communication, and cybersecurity companies from 7 countries that will collaborate to build a modular unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) equipped with a cyber-secure command, control, and communications system, as well as a platform that will let the operator securely control multiple land and air devices. Participating countries include Estonia, Finland, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, and Latvia.

LMT will be responsible for researching the potential of communications technologies and equipping the autonomous unmanned ground vehicle with mobile technologies to ensure cyber secure and effective communications across multiple countries. This will include 4G roaming, 5G network slicing, as well as AI applications.

Within the scope of the project, a modular and remote system architecture will be developed in order to standardize the ecosystem throughout Europe. The prototype will then be deployed in test missions. This allows LMT to take a leading role in developing and implementing European-scale innovations, to develop innovative tech products for export, as well as to develop relationships with partner companies.

Latvia's participation in this international project will strengthen our defense and safety industry's collaboration with leading foreign companies in the military industry and will offer the opportunity for the Latvian National Armed Forces to collaborate in the development of innovative technologies, testing and adjusting them to our needs. One of the advantages of the 21st century is technologies, that used smartly and responsibly, work in the name of human wellbeing and safety. In a time when a large portion of safety monitoring around the world is done by automated devices, it is only natural that innovative technologies enter the defense industry as well. Automated terrestrial systems allow not only for devices to communicate with each other, but also to avoid risking human life in complicated situations, which is the primary benefit.

Artis Pabriks, Minister of defense

This is the 4th European Commission-backed Horizon 2020 project in which LMT is a participant. Others include:

  • Sparta –  reimagining cybersecurity research, innovation and training in Europe
  • Comp4Drones – developing the technological framework for the safe use of unmanned, automated drones
  • 5G Routes – enabling Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) on the border of Latvia and Estonia with 5G, connected cars, and digital roads.

In the future, LMT plans on beginning the Radio2S EU research and development project. In this project, LMT will be the consortium leader, bringing together partners from various countries.