SmartMEX, the mobile network-based business telephony system, has been shortlisted for the Best Innovation for Enterprise award at the AfricaCom conference, the continent's most influential tech and telecoms event.

Award results will be revealed at the event on Wednesday, November 13.

The SmartMEX business phone system is a smart telephony service that provides next-generation PBX connectivity over the mobile network, making use of both mobile voice and internet services. This provides never-before-seen functionality to business telephony, resulting in greater efficiency and customer management possibilities.

The product ensures a wide range of business phone functionalities, such as call routing, an easily programmable self-service interface, interactive voice response, call recording, inbound/outbound call processing, reports, and more.

The innovative nature of the product lies in its technical implementation – making use of both mobile voice and internet services. This makes it immeasurably easier to use than MEX systems of the 2000’s, while also more stable and independent than VOIP solutions, which are only ever as good as the available internet connection.

It can also be considered particularly innovative based on the fact that it is the first commercially launched, fully-mobile PBX solution. From a technical perspective, it offers increased security, as it ensures encrypted call recording as well as GDPR compliance. Most notably, SmartMEX is the first PBX solution that can be easily configured by the end user/customer – system configuration and the creation of complex routing scenarios does not require any technical knowledge, making it the most accessible and scalable PBX solution on the market.

With over 15 years of experience in telephony combined with 4 years of R&D on business uses, SmartMEX has been introduced to the market. It is currently used in multiple countries by thousands of users.

SmartMEX is one of the many innovations products developed by LMT, made available to international markets. It was created jointly by LMT with a strong, innovation-driven approach to the mobile network, and OSS Networks, with robust experience in business phone systems.