With 26.8 GB per SIM per month, LMT ranks 9th in the world and 5th in Europe in terms of mobile data consumption, as found by the international data analytics company Tefficient that analyzed 104 operators globally.

LMT is also 28th out of 45 European operators analyzed in terms of total amount of data transmitted over the mobile network in 2021. It’s the only operator from the Baltics that has made it to the top 30, which is largely dominated by telecom operators from significantly more populated countries such as Italy, Germany, the UK, Sweden, and Finland.

According to the report, in 2021, data usage per SIM grew for 97% of operators, and average traffic growth reached 32%. Such an increase in mobile data consumption is predominantly related to the Covid-19 pandemic when the majority switched to remote work and studies. That said, 98% of operators reported growth in data usage in 2022 as well, indicating that the habit of intensive mobile internet use has remained despite restrictions being lifted.

Every year, LMT invests significantly more in network development than other operators on the market, purposely developing the country's network infrastructure and introducing latest-generation technologies. Right now, LMT has the widest 5G network in Latvia, and we see that more and more customers appreciate the benefits of powerful and stable mobile internet on their computers and phones.

Juris Binde, President of LMT

The most active mobile internet users in the world in 2021 were Kuwait’s Zain – their clients use 53.4 GB per month on average. As explained by Tefficient, this high usage comes from Zain selling smartphone plans with unlimited mobile internet, as well as offering 5G fixed routers with unlimited data volumes.

This is Tefficient’s 34th public analysis on the development and drivers of mobile data. It ranks 104 global operators based on average data usage per SIM, total data traffic, and revenue per gigabyte.