LMT and its partners have established the Latvian charter of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITS Society).

To become an integral part of the international ecosystem for connected vehicle technology and to promote national competitiveness and technological accessibility worldwide, the LMT and its partners have established the Latvian charter of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITS Society). The Latvian ITS Association will operate as an industry section of the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association.

Intelligent transportation systems develop rapidly along 4G and 5G. Connected vehicles, digital roads and even autonomous cars will be able to offer sustainable, safe and eco-friendly mobility solutions to move data, things and people. An international ecosystem is required for telecommunications operators, data platform providers, car and sensor makers, software developers, road infrastructure developers, as well as the public sector to establish an adequate legal framework and to develop technological solutions for connected vehicles. European cooperation is coordinated by 27 ITS associations, and until recently Latvia was one of the very few countries without one.

LMT is transforming from a mobile operator to a mobility operator. We are developing a partner ecosystem for intelligent transportation systems and solutions as Latvia has a considerable innovation potential. The Latvian ITS association will become a single access point for local and European mobility projects, knowledge sharing and partnership,

explains Juris Binde, the President of LMT.

In September 2018 ministers of the three Baltic States signed an agreement on the development of the Baltic digital road from Tallinn to Vilnius. And in the summer of this year the LMT became a member of the international 5G Automotive Association (5G AA), as 5G-based innovation for connected vehicle technology is one of our top priorities.


The Board of LICTA supported this idea, and currently we are in the process of registering a new association with 8 partners having already agreed to become members. All other organizations related to this industry, who operate in the public, private or non-governmental sector are welcome to join.

Information and communication technology is becoming increasingly important for any sector – mobility, finances, healthcare, etc. Thus, it is logical that highly specialized groups emerge in the framework of LICTA to focus on sector-specific technology. ITS association is just the first step in this direction,

concludes Signe Bāliņa, the President of LICTA.

Such partners as the Ministry of Transport, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Electronic and Computer Sciences Institute, SJSC “Elektroniskie sakari”, Microsoft, Accenture, dots. and Apply IT have already supported the idea of the new association.