LMT is one of the 50 partners working on Comp4Drones, a European R&D project with the goal of developing advanced transportation services based on drone technology and artificial intelligence.

The project is funded by ECSEL program and led by Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, and has a budget of over 30 million euros.

The project aims to develop key hardware, software and communication technologies that ensure the drones are autonomous and safe for complex applications in the fields of transportation, construction, logistics, surveillance, and inspection and agriculture.

Within the scope of Comp4Drones, LMT will be focusing on the transportation field, developing a demonstration in collaboration with pan European rail network – Rail Baltica. The demonstration will focus on the deployment of drones as monitoring devices of the railway construction works and infrastructure maintenance activities, making use of the 5G network.

Monitoring railway infrastructure by drones will provide a test environment to understand how drones can increase efficiency, safety, and maintenance in closed transportation infrastructure environments.

LMT will focus on the construction phase of railway monitoring – providing drone developments on surveys, progress reporting, and potential for asset tracking.