LMT has created a unique drone solution for measuring radiofrequency spectrum parameters in collaboration with the Electronic Communications Office (ECO) of Latvia and SAF Tehnika. The innovative UAV-enabled solution gathers data while being maximally close to the base station antennas, significantly improving the accuracy of the collected results. 

The main component of the innovative radiofrequency measuring solution is a drone equipped with AI-enabled software created by LMT and SAF Tehnika’s measuring tools adjusted for UAV usage. The drone detects the precise location of data transmission antennas and their broadcast direction. Then, the AI-enabled software conducts the drone’s flight as it takes measurements within the microwave and millimeter-wave range while using a minimal amount of energy and time. The solution prototype has already been tested, confirming the value and future practicality of the solution. 

High-quality connectivity is the basis of economic and social processes in the 21st century. Thus, it's important not only to implement the latest data transmission technologies such as 5G, but also to invest in their maintenance and operational quality. LMT is genuinely happy that such institutions as the ECO of Latvia are aware of that. And we can collaborate on creating solutions that will help measure the radiofrequency spectrum and improve data transmission efficiency in the future,

says the President of LMT, Juris Binde.

As high-frequency bands become widely used, the importance of an efficient inventory of telecommunication towers increases. Gathering precise measurements is challenging when doing so from the ground – closeness to the transmitters is required for data accuracy. Up until now, the proximity was manually established by technical workers climbing up the base station towers, which was both time-consuming and dangerous. 

Implementing drone innovations in day-to-day radiofrequency monitoring is a significant step towards solving challenges of inspecting inaccessible locations and making our service delivery more efficient. This collaboration is a great example of creating solutions that heighten Latvia's innovation capacity through the cooperation of industry experts with different specializations,

says Janis Barda, Chairman of the Board of the ECO of Latvia.

Normunds Bergs, the Chairman of the Board at SAF Tehnika, says that the company is honored to participate in collaborative projects that create innovative tech solutions. He adds that using drones to transport microwaves’ measuring tools enables new possibilities within the telecommunications industry. Moreover, using drones equipped with spectrum analyzers holds great potential not only for the telecommunication industry but also for security, as wireless communication is an integral part of well-functioning defence systems. Precise and fast measurements are the basis of effective debugging, and the newly developed collaborative solution will save time and lower injury risks for technical workers.

Research No. 2.10, “UAV usage on measuring radio spectrum parameters”, receives funding from ERDF within the scope of the project Nr. “Latvian electrical and optical equipment industry competence center”.