Mobile operator and technology company LMT has been shortlisted for the world's leading telecommunications award – the GLOMO award presented by GSMA.

LMT has received a GLOMO award nomination for its recently launched smart smoke detector and air quality sensor in the “Best connected consumer device” category. The company is competing against Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Huawei’s GT 3 Pro smart watch, among others. The previous year’s winners in this category were ZTE, a Chinese partially state-owned company, for their AI home security camera. The winners will be announced at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, held February 27-March 2.


We are honoured for the recognition of the GSMA judging panel for our smart smoke and air quality sensor. Moreso, we're thrilled to be in the same category with some of the world's leading mobile innovators. This simply emphasizes Latvia's capacity for mobile innovation.

Dr. Juris Binde, President of LMT

What sets the LMT smoke alarm apart is that it’s smart – it’s connected to the mobile network, and thus is able to do more than a typical battery-operated smoke alarm or air quality sensor. Using smart algorithms, it can tell when smoke is caused by real fire, or simply if someone has burnt their dinner. In the case of real fire, in addition to sounding an alarm, it can also send notifications to residents’ and neighbours’ smartphones, and even has the ability to be integrated with local fire fighting institutions. Meanwhile the smart air sensor can monitor, detect, and report on air quality, ranging from harmful emissions like carbon monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to temperature and humidity. 

The device is plug-and-play, with no advanced setup skills necessary. It is a standalone device that functions on LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, meaning it does not require connections to a central hub, nor an energy or Wi-Fi connection. 

The majority of available smoke alarms are only effective if someone hears the alarm. Despite a significant 65% drop in fire fatalities in Europe over the last 30 years, estimates suggest the region still faces 5,000 deaths in residential fires yearly, with the number of injured individuals being 10 times as high. 

The device has received significant international recognition. LMT’s IoT-powered smoke and air quality sensor has been selected as the best national digital solution for the World Summit Awards of 2022 in the Health & Well-Being section and has been shortlisted for the “Safety or fire hardware product innovation of the year” category at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2022. 

The LMT smoke alarm is available for commercial distribution by partners. Get in touch with us to discuss distribution and details.