To continue the development of 5G technology, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) and the world renown Latvian brand MikroTik that offers wireless devices and routers have started bilateral cooperation.

A wireless data exchange radio network was set up between the offices of both companies, including a 5G compatible base station, and the maximum speed of data reached as much as 10 Gigabytes per second (Gbps). It is ten times more than it has been possible in a radio network so far.

LMT has introduced this technology for MikroTik to develop the next generation of devices that would be compatible with 5G technologies. In the nearest future such links will be required for the Internet of Things in any 5G mobile network.

“The capacity and speed of a 5G network is a precondition for the introduction of the next generation of technological innovations in various areas of life – manufacturing, agriculture, transport, medicine. This is a basis for the development of new and globally competitive products together with other entrepreneurs and researchers to transform Latvia into a smart country,” underlined Juris Binde, the President of LMT.

“I am happy that we can start the development of 5G compatible routers together with the LMT, as it will allow us to strengthen our global competitiveness even more,” indicated Arnis Riekstiņš, a co-owner of Mikrotīkls LLC.

At the beginning of this year LMT started bilateral cooperation with Riga Technical University and Nokia, a producer of telecommunications infrastructure, to introduce 5G in Latvia. The first 5G compatible base stations were also installed.