The LMT red light solution has successfully completed a pilot project in the city of Liepaja, testing the application of an AI-based, smart traffic management system that identifies when drivers run a red light. The project now launches its active phase of AI-based traffic ticketing in collaboration with traffic management authorities. This indicates the implementation of the technology for practical, real-life use, graduating from a proof-of-concept and data collection tool.

The smart solution makes use of cameras that detect drivers who have crossed an intersection at a red light, using AI machine vision. This information is now undergoing integration with traffic authorities’ systems. They receive video and photographic evidence as collected by the AI and machine vision system, and then are able to perform a “human eye” evaluation to double-check that indeed, a traffic violation has occurred. A ticket is then prepared and sent to authorized municipal authorities, who then are able to issue the ticket.

Completing the pilot in Liepāja and entering the active phase of this project is a major step in the smart city transformation. This provides the systematic foundation for sustainable implementation of our red light solution into municipalities around Latvia, which will not only reduce strain on traffic policing authorities but ultimately make our streets safer as well. We look forward to its implementation locally and in countries around the world.

Aigars Runcis, Ventures Department Director of LMT

The red light solution is unique in that it can be set up at any intersection (that has access to electricity and the mobile network) in an hour, with no construction work necessary. It can therefore make any intersection smart with relatively little cost, while other smart city solutions tend to be more expensive and with a longer installation time. 

The launch comes after a year of proof-of-concept trials, during which one intersection was equipped with smart sensors. Over the course of a year, the system identified 9,000 traffic violations at one location.

The LMT solution for the detection of red light and other traffic violations is stable and shows 98 % accuracy in tests. During the pilot project, we became convinced of the high quality of the LMT solution. As a result of the project, traffic safety in Liepāja has improved, and at the same time it allows monitoring the intensity of traffic flow. Our experience shows that LMT is a cooperation partner with a highly professional approach to the development of IT solutions.

Mārtiņš Tīdens, Deputy Director in Property Questions at the Liepāja City Municipality Administration

While the pilot solution in Liepāja city was used to identify drivers running red lights, the smart system is able to monitor a wider range of traffic infringements, including speeding, illegal left-turns, driving in bus lanes, and more. 

The system is currently available for integration in any municipality. Go to the website to get in touch.