AI-powered Rescue Drone

Powering drones with AI and sensors enhances the success of rescue missions such as search operations, forest fires, and more.


One of the essential elements of successful rescue missions is the ability to make the right decisions quickly. But to do so, reliable and precise information is necessary. Updated and relevant information on, for example, surroundings in natural environments can be challenging to obtain because of a terrain that is difficult to map. AI-powered drones in combination with LMT’s Mission Management System may provide the solution to this challenge.

Providing information through AI solutions

In collaboration with Riga Technical University, LMT is developing AI solutions that provide rescue teams with fast and reliable information from the rescue site that can be transferred into the Mission Management System. 

With the help of several sensors, drones can efficiently collect a large amount of data, quickly process it on the mobile network via edge computing, and deliver the information to the rescue service using the Mission Management System, accessible through a mobile network connection. Therefore, having a mission management system that enables convenient and fast information flow is crucial to truly benefit from innovative AI solutions, such as the AI-powered rescue drone. 

Use case examples

Though artificial intelligence can support rescue missions in various ways, we’ve identified two use cases to focus on: search missions and forest fires.

Searches for missing persons often lead to inaccessible locations – both with limited visibility lines, such as expansive forests, or areas where it’s difficult or costly for rescue service equipment to gain access. A drone equipped with an infrared camera and trained with AI to recognize humans can be enormous support in such situations.

The global threat of climate change has led to a tragic increase in forest fires. Early warnings about forest fire development and monitoring the surrounding infrastructure such as road access and available water sources can help combat the fires and significantly reduce the amount of damage done. A drone equipped with an infrared camera and powered with AI can quickly provide critical information to the responders in such scenarios.

Combining drones, sensors, AI, and mission management systems (for example, LMT’s Mission Management System Viedsargs) is set to become an indispensable tool to first responders and rescue teams. Its applications are endless – from human search missions and forest fires to flooding and pollution monitoring.

Drones are able to efficiently collect a large amount of data, process it quickly with the help of edge computing on the mobile network and deliver the information to the rescue service.

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