Automated bus terminal management system

LMT has developed an automated bus terminal management system that eases the terminal's workflow and eliminates human error.


Currently, bus terminal management involves a lot of manual processes and lacks integration opportunities between databases and different systems. From the moment a bus arrives at a terminal’s gate until it leaves the terminal to go on its next trip, the terminal management team carries out a multitude of manual actions via various platforms. For example, comparing bus license plates, checking bus arrival and departure schedules as well as changes in them, manually contacting carriers to receive necessary information, notifying the passengers about bus arrivals and departures, and more. Manual operations, even if completed with the utmost accuracy, are subject to human error. Moreover, it requires a lot of human resources to ensure terminal administration 24/7. 

Automation as a solution

LMT has developed an automated solution for this challenge – a bus terminal management system. The system serves as a centralized communication hub that integrates data from transport databases and carrier information and automates many previously manual dispatcher actions. The set of automated processes include: 

  • Automated identification of bus license plates;
  • Bus traffic registration and administration;
  • Convenient dispatcher management;
  • Automated passenger notifications both via bus terminal display boards and the terminal’s sound system;
  • Producing automated bus terminal reports, and more.  

The newly developed bus terminal management system automates formerly manual processes and eases the workflow of everyone involved. Besides, implementing the system in bus terminals on a broader scale can make interterminal communication and administration a lot less complicated in the future. 

LMT’s bus terminal management system is already used by the Riga International Bus Terminal administration. Our future aim is to offer this automated solution to other bus terminals in Latvia and across Europe. But for now, we’re carefully monitoring the system in the Riga International Bus Terminal to make sure it truly benefits the terminal’s workers, passengers, and transportation service providers. 

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