A research project building a pan-European communication system for public order and safety services using mobile broadband technology.


Currently, European countries have separate communication systems for their first responders and public safety services. Such an approach significantly hinders interoperability between the countries’ services and drastically slows down international cooperation in crises beyond borders. 

Additionally, current national critical communication systems often use relatively old technological solutions that don’t allow transmitting all types of data. Thus, to effectively address borderless crises in Europe, a unified and up-to-date first-responder communication system must be developed.

Operational mobility and mission-critical communication across Europe

Uninterrupted international connectivity for national mission-critical broadband networks is the main prerequisite for enabling effective and safe communication between first responders regardless of their location in Europe.

The BroadWay project is an EU-funded initiative to provide borderless operational mobility and effective mission-critical communication across Europe. The project’s main objective is to ensure that geopolitical boundaries don’t restrict the international communication of national first responders so they can cooperate effectively and quickly. 

The BroadWay initiative has entered its third and final phase – the Pre-Commercial Procurement, which involves LMT’s participation in testing the developed system.

LMT in BroadWay

LMT is participating in the BroadWay project’s testing phase alongside two other mobile network operators. LMT’s main task is to provide operating LTE network coverage with enabled mission-critical broadband service. In the demonstration, LMT plans to use the military platform VIEDSARGS and integrate UAVs and other sensors. The demonstration will be held in close collaboration with the Latvian National Armed Forces, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, and other units.

Besides organizing the demonstration, LMT’s tasks within BroadWay’s current phase include enabling the mission-critical functionality within LMT’s mobile network and introducing the network alternative for the existing network to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia. 

For more information on the BroadWay project, please visit the official website or contact us directly. 

The BroadWay Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and development program under Grant Agreement No. 786912.

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