Drone park

A B2B and B2G drone fleet management solution that provides information on drone equipment, pilots, mission planning, and more.


Due to their versatile use, drones have become full-fledged participants of airspace and are widely used for business solutions in construction, security, military, and other industries. To safely integrate drones into the shared airspace and ensure they perform their missions in accordance with existing legislation, businesses need a convenient way to oversee their drone fleets, pilots, mission planning, and airspace restrictions and compliances. LMT has created a management solution that serves as a real-time digital database for all drone-related information and helps to ensure safe drone operations.

All drone data in one place

Drone park by LMT is a drone fleet management solution for businesses, organizations, and governments that use drones in their daily operations, as well as private users that own a drone fleet. It allows companies to register and store all drone, pilot, and mission-related data in one place. 

The solution enables the drone fleet manager to oversee the drones, drone equipment, pilots, and mission planning, and the pilots to know when, where, and with what equipment they can perform drone missions safely and legally. Thus, the LMT Drone park has an easy-to-navigate interface with several sections providing access to information on:

  • Drones
  • Pilots
  • GPS drone trackers
  • Reservations
  • Flights
  • Map
  • Users

The data is stored in full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Drone park for your business

LMT’s Drone park is currently available to users in Latvia. Free access to the solution’s BETA Stage version is available to users operating one drone with one pilot.

Future development of the solution includes but is not limited to integrating pilot education and certification module as well as requirements of the regulatory bodies. This aims to enable a direct and digital way of communication for flight requests, approvals, and coordination, adding U-Space services, and ultimately making the Drone park a one-stop unmanned aircraft management solution for drone operations. 

To find out more about LMT’s Drone park and how your business can start using it both in Latvia and elsewhere, contact us directly.

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