Drone pilot training program

A certified training program for upcoming drone pilots, providing all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


The usage of drones has increased significantly in recent years, and so has the number of individuals interested in piloting them. In the EU, everyone who wishes to fly a drone heavier than 250 grams must have a valid drone pilot license. Obtaining one requires training and examining the pilot’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills by a licensed educational body.

The future of drones is increasingly connected, and drones and mobile operators have already become intertwined. Bringing the function of drone licensing under the roof of mobile networks is a step toward drone connectivity, which brings a long list of benefits, including increased drone flight safety via ID and authorization, remote drone use cases, smart city applications, and more. 

About the program

LMT is Europe’s first certified mobile operator to issue drone piloting licenses. A mandate given by the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency enables LMT to provide lessons and examinations for potential drone pilots aiming to pass a sub-category A2 and a specific category theoretical knowledge exam. 

LMT’s program offers a training cycle that consists of theory lessons and practice. In the theory part, the upcoming pilot learns:

  • Drone technical specifications and structure
  • UAV flight planning and operation
  • The EU and national legal framework
  • Navigation principles for drone flights
  • The impact of weather on drone piloting

The practical part of the training includes:

  • Before and after flight activities
  • Acting in emergency situations
  • Piloting the drone
  • Preparation for practical examination tasks

After completing LMT’s drone pilot training program, students can receive a Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency in the A2 Open category of drone licenses, which includes personal and sports drones from 0.5 – 25kg in weight. 

Visit the website to learn more about the LMT’s drone pilot training program and apply for training.

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