EU project aimed at maximizing synergies, standardization, and interoperability capabilities of next-generation armored vehicles.


As the safety of Europe largely depends on the region’s ability to cooperate and its uninterrupted connectivity, there’s a growing need for upgraded defence industry solutions, interoperable at all times. Therefore, it’s essential not only to develop defence tech innovations but also to research and ensure their synergy and integration. Providing effective development of interoperable defence solutions requires broad participation of European stakeholders, indicating the need for an international initiative.


European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems (FAMOUS) is an EU initiative aimed to address highly demanding defence tech requirements and develop next-generation armored platforms as well as to conduct future upgrades for such vehicle types as All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Light Armored Vehicle (LAV), and Main Battle Tank (MBT). 

The project’s main tasks include analysis of CONOPS (Concept of Operations) and military needs for new advanced armored vehicles, fostering and studying tech innovations, and preliminary design of next-generation armored vehicles. 

The project’s consortium is led by Finnish company Patria and is joined by 19 consortium partners – defence technology companies from 9 EU countries, including LMT. The FAMOUS consortium members aim to combine their competencies to build a competitive, resilient, and advanced cross-border industry within the defence domain.

Exploring 5G capabilities for defence

In collaboration with the FAMOUS project consortium members Indra, Nexter, Savox, and Cybernetica, LMT will conduct research in such fields as command and control, interoperability, application of artificial intelligence, and more. 

LMT will study the potential of 5G in defence and the interoperability of the 5G network and military radio stations. Moreover, the research will focus on the potential use of 5G in military training and simulation. Additionally, the study will explore the functionality and performance of 5G network architecture solutions. Participation in the research is also expected to benefit the further development of LMT’s Battlefield Information Management System (BIMS).

The FAMOUS project is financed by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under Grant Agreement No EDIDP-GCC-2020-058-FAMOUS. 

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