SPARTA is one of the four EU projects aimed at strengthening the region's resilience and capabilities in cybersecurity.

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An EU project that aims to strengthen the cybersecurity community and re-define how the cybersecurity industry perceives its development in Europe overall.


The European Union’s research ecosystem has the necessary potential and prerequisites to become the leading force in developing cybersecurity innovations. However, when it comes to producing industry novelties that can bring system-level advantages, the European science community often lacks unity and cannot demonstrate large-scale capabilities. The diversity of Europe undoubtedly is its strength, but to develop innovations and succeed in research, efficient collaboration is crucial.

Creating a long-lasting collaborative community

The EU’s project, SPARTA, aims to re-imagine how cybersecurity research & development and training is carried out in Europe. It intends to engage a significant number of cyber safety experts and enthusiasts to create an abiding collaborative community. To produce novel solutions in any field but especially in cyber safety, fostering cooperation in research is the key to success. The SPARTA project has already connected many industry-leading actors from various fields who are expected to create solutions that will help in preventing cybercrime.


Cybersecurity plays a significant role in mobile network development, especially in the 5G network that enables autonomous solutions in transportation, healthcare, and more. To ensure the quality and safety of autonomous 5G applications, the impact of cybersecurity cannot be overlooked. As a mobile operator and tech innovator, LMT acknowledges the importance of cyber safety innovations and is honored to be among the 40 SPARTA project partners. We have also facilitated the process of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and CERT.LV joining the project as Arbitrage Group Members. 

For LMT, participation in this project provides valuable experience of being a part of a European-scale collaboration initiative. It paves our way for further involvement and potential partnerships connected with LMT’s innovation projects and product development. Additionally, the SPARTA project helps LMT to draw Latvia’s attention to cybersecurity issues and the education and career opportunities in this field. 

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