LMT has established and co-created several 5G innovation testbeds. As a mobile tech innovator, we recognize the need for shared testing sites and are honored to provide an environment that fosters innovations in advanced connectivity.

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A playground for tomorrow’s solutions

Ideas are the driving force of future innovation in every vertical and industry. However, ideas cannot be materialized without a proper testing environment. Being a firm believer in the power of innovation, LMT takes great responsibility and pride in creating the necessary playgrounds for tomorrow’s solutions – innovation testbeds. 

Testbeds and demonstration sites benefit everyone involved. They enable cooperation between different stakeholders and fast-track research and development. Turning prototypes into market products is often a lengthy and complicated process. And without testbeds, innovators would lack the ability to examine their solutions in real-life conditions, drastically slowing down innovation development and interfering with much-needed innovation pilot projects. 

Testbeds and demonstrations sites, established and co-created by LMT, benefit a broad range of stakeholders – academia, research facilities, private and public sectors – and strengthen their innovation competitiveness, resulting in the emergence of more novelties.

Our outlook

As a mobile operator and a 5G network pioneer in the Baltics, LMT is actively involved in creating and maintaining several 5G innovation testbeds. LMT was behind the launch of the first 5G military test site in Europe, Latvia’s first 5G laboratory, the 5G mobility testbed at the Biķernieki racetrack, Riga, which will imitate fully functioning international connectivity using Latvia’s LMT and Estonia’s Telia 5G networks, and others. These testbeds allow us and our partners to test 5G-enabled solutions that benefit both the public and private sectors. 

We are already seeing the advantages delivered by the new generation mobile network – from facilitating quantum data uploads and gene sequencing for cancer research to enabling autonomous vehicles for national defense. Providing a work, research, and testing environment is one of the main prerequisites to see 5G innovations develop further and contribute to our overall quality of life.

LMT is the most efficiently-loaded operator on the Nokia network. We are the first in the Baltics to offer the latest generation IoT networks – NB-IoT and LTE-M, and our network provides an exceptionally low latency rate enabling the development and testing of many innovative use cases. 

Below you can explore the testbeds LMT is a part of.