Latvian 5G laboratory

The first 5G laboratory in Latvia, established by LMT and MikroTik as a playground for developing 5G prototypes and products.


5G network capabilities and connectivity enable the emergence of various new products and solutions. LMT and network equipment manufacturer and software company MikroTik have been pioneers for several years in building 5G-powered innovations that could benefit their users on a broad scale – from governments and academia to private businesses and households. 

While specific technical knowledge, skills, and accessible network infrastructure are crucial components for 5G solution development, a suitable environment for work, research, and product testing is no less significant.

A dedicated space for generating 5G-enabled products

The Latvian 5G laboratory was set up in 2020 collaboratively by LMT and MikroTik. The first outcome of this joined initiative was the development of a powerful 4G router that was released for trade by LMT and MikroTik at the beginning of 2020. 

Then the two companies began developing a 5G/LTE-enabled router, which was launched to end-users in May 2021. It provides a high-speed and dual-band access point for homes and small businesses and is one of the few 5G routers entirely manufactured in the EU. 

LMT and MikroTik’s 5G laboratory is one of the main prerequisites to enable Latvia’s competitiveness in the global ICT market. The lab allows Latvian tech companies to test and improve solutions while they’re still in development, enhancing the competitiveness of 5G-enabled products for global use. 

The 5G laboratory in Latvia is located in the VEFRESH innovation district in Latvia’s capital city. The district is curated by an open innovation movement of the same name, helping companies test smart city solutions and fostering the birth of innovative products and solutions. 

Developing world-leading 5G use cases

LMT has been the 5G network pioneer in the Baltic region for several years, creating innovative IoT solutions such as smoke and air quality alarm, wireless devices, smart sensors, and more. We’ve been researching the possibilities of OpenRAN technology and are always on the lookout to collaborate on developing 5G-enabled innovations. 

One of LMT’s latest collaborations on 5G innovations is developing 5G Silicon module use cases to lessen Europe’s dependence on non-European component supply. Together with Mikrotik and HansaMatrix, we are working to start manufacturing 5G Silicon modules in Latvia by 2024. The modules will enable a wide variety of 5G use cases and benefit Europe’s tech innovators. 

Please contact us directly for more information about the 5G laboratory in Latvia.

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