Internet of Things

Smart Smoke Alarm

In development

LMT cares for our customer’s safety and comfort. We have created a unique smoke alarm and air quality monitoring device that connects to the internet over the mobile network.



All over the world, there are countless buildings that are not adequately protected against the threat of fire. The majority of smoke alarms are not connected to centralised systems. They can only be effective if they are within hearing - hopeless for empty buildings or if no one is close enough to hear the alarm. 


LMT’s new smart smoke alarm that connects to the internet via the mobile network changes all that and offers so much more. Alerts can be sent to mobile phones, monitoring officers and fire stations. The many benefits include:

  • faster response time to deal with the fire 
  • by combining data on both the molecular analysis of the air and the temperature, the LMT alarm has the ability to determine the type of fire and level of danger thereby minimising false alarms 
  • everyone within the building can be alerted thus increasing safety - especially in high rise buildings 
  • a very long battery life therefore can be effective in areas remote from a wired supply 
  • no wifi or special hub required so can be placed anywhere within the building, with a bluetooth option in case of poor mobile signal 
  • reduced insurance costs 

But this innovative device is so much more than just a smoke alarm! Safety is paramount, so smoke, carbon monoxide and temperature are continuously monitored, while the wellbeing of inhabitants is catered for by tracking of CO 2 , temperature and humidity levels. A dedicated app (iOS and Android) enables the user to check the device’s status and control it, while receiving real time notifications remotely as determined by its configuration. 

Safety and peace of mind delivered by one smart gadget. 

It can determine danger level, thus minimizing false alarms as well as automatically informing the local firefighter department.


Aleksandrs Sigajevs

Innovation Lead