Cellular IoT revolutionizes connectivity, allowing a wide range of devices to transmit data and enabling real-time monitoring and control.

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Cellular IoT-enabled device revolution 

With the introduction of LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies, cellular networks now provide options for low-power, wide-area connectivity, completely revolutionizing how devices work. What used to be rather simple mechanisms can now be transformed into smart gadgets. Hence, smart homes, smart cities, and, well, smart everything is today’s reality. 

Cellular IoT is the backbone of numerous innovative applications across agriculture, logistics, healthcare, energy management, and other massive industries that directly impact life as we know it. What distinguishes cellular IoT from other IoT networks is its ability to provide connectivity for devices on the move, low power consumption that enables years-long battery life, reliability, safety, and ease of access.  

Cellular IoT allows devices to connect to a network via the same infrastructure as mobile phones, opening a vast world of innovative devices and applications. Hence, mobile network operators hold all the necessary prerequisites to become the ultimate innovators in cellular IoT.

Turning tomorrow’s vision into today’s reality

Being a telecom operator and seeing the immense innovation potential of cellular IoT, LMT has approached the field with high enthusiasm rooted in deep expertise and R&D experience. Our team is constantly searching for ways to reduce obstacles to innovations, and hard work combined with efficient development has proven to be the best approach. 

The LMT team comprises hardware engineers, software developers, network specialists, and domain experts who focus on fostering fruitful soil for cellular IoT innovations. We’ve also fostered a close connection with our clients across various industries. This customer-centric approach enables us to be up-to-date with market needs and align our innovations accordingly.

LMT operates on both LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, boasting the necessary technological base for developing cellular IoT innovations. However, without the necessary expertise, technology and infrastructure are simply tools. At LMT, we know how to put them to their maximum use.

Traveling the cellular IoT road with LMT experts

Developing cellular IoT solutions from zero can take years and significant investments until your prototype reaches a market-ready stage. LMT experts and our white-label IoT solution foundations are here to significantly shorten your journey. 

Partnering with LMT and choosing certified white-label solutions as a basis for your next cellular IoT product holds several benefits:

  • Shorter time to market – missed business opportunities are a thing of the past
  • It’s cost-efficient – no significant investments required to build a technological core for your solutions 
  • It’s reliable – you use certified solution foundations instead of building your own
  • It’s scalable – you focus on the growth of your business instead of dealing with the technological issues of your solutions
  • Access to support and maintenance from IoT experts  

It’s not about taking the road less traveled, it’s about choosing the right traveling companions – take the cellular IoT innovation road together with LMT!

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