AER smart smoke alarm and air quality monitor

Combining state-of-the-art sensors with the reliability of the mobile network to bring unprecedented functionality and home safety.

Increased fire security and a better quality of life thanks to cellular IoT

Capabilities delivered by IoT have added a whole new dimension to smart devices, including smoke alarms and air quality monitoring devices. What used to be primitive equipment is now life-saving gadgets with many functionalities, making maximum use of smart sensors.

AER Smoke by LMT is a versatile two-in-one smart smoke alarm and air quality monitor. 

What AER offers to its users:

  • Always on & no wires, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connection needed 
  • Air quality monitoring by measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC) 
  • Temperature and humidity level observation 
  • Dual wavelength optical smoke detector 
  • Eradicated false alarms 
  • Patented sensor and algorithm 
  • Integrated cellular and data connectivity (LTE-M, NB-IoT) 
  • Certification: EN 14604:2005/AC:2008

A user-centric approach with AER Smoke app

AER Smoke comes with a functional and personalized mobile app, both for Android and iOS.

End-users love the AER Smoke app for:

  • User-centric design and usability
  • Ability to manage several AER Smoke devices from one app
  • Shared access option – add other users who will be able to follow the measurements
  • Temperature and humidity thresholds
  • Multi-level notification system – push notifications, texts, and calls 
  • Battery level monitoring 
  • Option to redirect notifications to, e.g., a neighbor, family member, or security company
  • Access to historical data and continuous air quality observation
  • Peace of mind

AER Smoke dashboard offers several benefits to potential distributors – from convenient functionalities to full GDPR compliance, as all the user data is stored in the EU.

Distributors value the AER dashboard for:

  • Multi-tenant functionality 
  • Usage of fast, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure (AWS)
  • A versatile API with detailed documentation
  • Convenient process of user and client administration
  • Access to data and analytics
  • Effortless device management – access to device measurements, events, configurations
  • Ability to perform firmware updates
  • Support from LMT whenever needed

Looking for a partnership? We're here!

Establishing a partnership with LMT is effortless. Contact us and receive a demo AER Smoke device, then sign a partnership agreement with us, and we’ll help with the rest – account creation and dashboard customization, ensuring you receive your first device batch and helping with all your questions and requests.

What our partners receive:

  • Out-of-the-box IoT device and solution with integrated connectivity  
  • Long-term recurring revenue stream 
  • Broadened business portfolio and entrance into new business sectors 
  • Customizable solution that can be integrated into your existing systems via API
  • Strong and long-term relationships with their clients
  • Option to receive a white-label solution
  • Pay-per-use model & low minimum order quantities

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With smart features, emergency forwarding in case of fire, and the most reliable sensors on the market, you can stay safe while enjoying your best environment at home.

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