LMT and Latvian technology company MikroTik have launched the Chateau 5G R16 router, combining affordability with fast and stable connectivity.

LMT and MikroTik have announced the upgraded version of the jointly-developed, bestselling 5G Chateau router, initially launched in May 2021. The new Chateau 5G R16 (also known as LMT 5G R16 router) has an R16 modem that supports NR CA and the 3GPP Release 16 standard with additional ENDC combinations for better speed and signal stability, which is especially beneficial when using both 5G and 4G networks simultaneously. The R16 modem also makes the router more affordable while providing better connectivity.

The router has the latest version of MikroTik’s RouterOS, a powerful quad-core ARM CPU processor, and a USB port for additional storage. The storage allows the use of various Linux container apps for ad blocking, simple website hosting, private DNS, IoT automation, and countless other use cases that bring convenience into users’ everyday lives.

The Chateau 5G R16 also brings home device connectivity to a new level. Its 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports enable users to connect all their home tech, such as TVs, computers, and game consoles, to a 5G network. The device has an improved antenna design, providing a better signal without the burden of external antennas. Additionally, the Chateau 5G R16 supports 4×4 MIMO for the lower frequency range, allowing users to have access to an excellent network signal regardless of their whereabouts.

LMT and MikroTik have collaborated on various 5G innovations. In 2020, the two telecoms innovators set up a 5G laboratory in Latvia, providing a playground for developing 5G prototypes and products, and in October 2023, the companies showcased a jointly-developed 5G high-performance router, which operates in the 5G mmWave spectrum and delivers unprecedented data quality to connected devices.