LMT has launched an IoT-powered smoke and air quality sensor in collaboration with connectivity technology manufacturer MikroTik. The all-in-one device combines smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection with air quality monitoring. 

The device runs on the latest NB-IoT and LTE-M networks to ensure a longer lifecycle, while the cellular connectivity aspect provides heightened stability compared to Wi-Fi-based alternatives, which dominate the market. 

LMT’s sensor measures air temperature and humidity, as well as detects smoke and CO threats. It calculates the overall quality of air based on present VOCs (volatile organic compounds), all of which can be monitored on the device’s dedicated mobile app. It’s equipped with Valor’s patented ESP smoke detection technology that detects hazardous smoke and determines its danger level, minimizing the number of false alarms. 

Most importantly, the device’s smart characteristics provide unprecedented fire security using early detection and advanced notification systems. Using a 5-degree notification system, up to 5 individuals can be notified of the potential fire, and recipients are able to trigger an emergency response call based on these notifications, without having to be in the vicinity of the fire itself. 

Despite a significant 65% drop in fire fatalities in Europe over the last 30 years, estimates suggest the region still faces 5,000 deaths in residential fires yearly, with the number of injured individuals being 10 times as high. The majority of available smoke alarms are only effective if someone hears the alarm. The mobile connectivity feature makes it possible to inform emergency responders directly, thus improving reaction time and potentially saving lives.  

The sensor also monitors indoor air quality. Research shows that people spend 90% of their time indoors, where the air can be five times as polluted as the air outdoors, causing potentially severe health issues and leading to premature deaths worldwide.

A smart smoke alarm connected to the mobile network brings with it a new level of functionality and security. We didn't see anything on the market that met our demands, so we made it ourselves – a fully manufactured-in-the-EU device that makes advanced home safety and air quality a reality. Our 30+ years of mobile innovation, combined with MikroTik's connectivity device manufacturing experience and know-how, made it possible for us to bring this product to the market,

Dr. Juris Binde, President of LMT, Chairman of the Management Board.

LMT’s sensor operates on batteries with no power supply required, making it immune to electricity outages on the premises. Additionally, it’s possible to connect several devices over a proprietary wireless protocol, enhancing the scope of smoke danger alerting. A dedicated mobile app – available on Android and iOS – enables device users to monitor air quality remotely.  

The smart smoke and air quality sensor was created in collaboration with Latvian technology company MikroTik and with the participation of scientists from Riga Stradins University. 

Those interested in trialing the smart smoke alarm and air quality device are invited to express their interest here.