At the beginning of July, to enhance traffic safety in Jūrmala, LMT installed its traffic monitoring system on a regulated pedestrian crossing on Liene Street, opposite Majori railway station. The particular crossing has high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and LMT’s system will mainly monitor traffic participants’ compliance with traffic light signals.

The LMT traffic monitoring system combines high-resolution cameras with machine vision and edge computing. Traffic infringements are evaluated on the edge, and if an infraction is detected, the information is sent to servers through the mobile network for further analysis.

Installing the traffic monitoring system in Jūrmala is the result of collaboration between the municipality of Jūrmala and LMT.

We are pleased that Jūrmala joins the cities where smart machine vision technologies are being used to improve road safety, setting an excellent example for other cities with complex intersections where violations are regularly committed. As experience elsewhere shows, technology helps to improve road safety while educating traffic participants and gradually improving driving culture.

Juris Binde, President of LMT

The LMT traffic monitoring system is an official traffic control tool in Latvia and has been integrated into the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD). The recorded information about drivers who have violated the red light signal at the particular crossing in Jūrmala will be transmitted to the Road Traffic Safety Directorate and the Jūrmala Municipal Police, which will decide on the offense and the applicable penalty. 

The deployment of the LMT traffic monitoring system is one solution to making the urban environment in Jūrmala safer. Jūrmala Municipality has also launched a project to create a safety zone near educational institutions on Poruka street from Mellužu Stage to Jaundubulti, introducing innovative solutions for safe mobility. 

The LMT system is also operational in Liepāja and Rīga. In March 2023, Liepāja became the first Latvian city to use the solution officially, after concluding a successful trial period. The LMT solution has helped to reduce the number of infringements in Liepāja by around five times. Following this success, LMT’s solution has also been implemented and is operational in the Austrian city of Graz and the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.