Latvian mobile operator LMT took MWC by surprise on two fronts - the all-natural stand, and by nabbing two nominations for the GSMA Glomo Awards for their 5G use case.

For a small operator in a country of under 2M inhabitants, this is a David and Goliath story.

The predominantly forest and bog-covered country lends itself well to exploring 5G use cases – for developing solutions in areas that have limited fixed coverage. From search-and-rescue drone projects, to machine vision edge-computing forestry solutions, all the way to last-mile delivery of fixed-wireless broadband and smart TV delivered over the mobile network.

Mobile World Congress visitors were wow'ed when turning the corner in Hall 6 - in a sea of plastic, shiny, attention-grabbing stands, they were confronted with a little patch of nature - the LMT stand, built entirely out of peat moss.

LMT also attracted attention with two Glomo award nominations – the European 5G Pioneer award, and the Mobile Tech Breakthrough award for companies over $10M in yearly revenue – the first Glomo nominations for a Latvian participant.

Both Glomo nominations were for the “smart TV delivered over the mobile network” product. It is a smart TV product built on the Android TV platform and is delivered exclusively over the mobile network, using no fixed cables. It is currently successfully delivered over the 4G network and is the first 5G use case ready to be deployed immediately as soon as the 5G network becomes available in Latvia.