Automated sensor data analytics

Using automated sensor data analytics to process and navigate large amounts of information for effective and fast decision-making.


Such equipment as AI-powered drones, red-light enforcement systems, cell tower sensors, and other sensor types have considerably increased the amount of information received when carrying out different missions. Therefore, mission management systems, such as LMT’s Viedsargs, are presented with a vast array of data, and it’s often challenging to identify essential information at any specific moment. That, in turn, can lead to delayed or misinformed decision-making.

Filtering the available data

The goal of the LMT automated sensor data analytics is to effectively process all available data to support assignments’ execution while eliminating potential strain on mission commanders/leaders caused by the influx of information. LMT can provide data analysis using methods that automatically identify what is of interest to you at any given moment. Moreover, the information can be presented in our Mission Management System, which promotes safe and effective collaboration and data exchange among mission technical components and individuals. Additionally, LMT can use cameras and/or sensors that are already in your possession in the process of data analysis. 

In relation to sensor data analysis, LMT offers the following services:

  • Sensor inventory analysis – identifying which/if additional sensors would be required to achieve the proposed result;
  • Sensor integration into LMT’s Mission Management System;
  • Regular and systematic collection and secure storage of sensor data;
  • Preparation, filtration, and classification of the collected data;
  • Automated data analytics solution development, using AI and/or a variety of mathematical statistics methods. 

Testing the solutions in real-life missions

In cooperation with Riga Technical University professors, LMT has developed and tested  several automated sensor data analytics models. For example, “Intelligent System for Object Recognition” (ISOR) – a hardware and software combination that recognizes visual objects from the air and analyses sounds for military operation needs. 

If you’re interested in testing LMT artificial intelligence models for data analysis, we’ll be delighted to hear from you!

LMT is able to provide data analysis using a variety of methods that can identify what is specifically of interest to you at a given moment, in real time, automatically.

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