Mobile network operators are deeply involved in contributing to public security and defence as critical infrastructure and cellular network providers. Enhanced public safety is within their capacity, especially when adopting the 5G network.

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Increased safety through network capabilities

When dealing with defence emergencies or public safety in general, the ability to proactively address threats and quickly make well-informed decisions is essential. Technological advancements and cellular network capabilities enable such actions and provide fertile soil for developing new solutions to enhance defence and public security. 

The 5G network capacity, in particular, provides improved reliability and availability of communications, allowing to adopt new public safety and defence applications, such as remotely controlled devices, enhanced situational awareness, and more. However, a greater amount of connections leads to more entry points into the network, and thus, a higher level of cyber vulnerability. It draws the 5G network’s attention to the necessity of enhanced cyber and physical security. 

For the defence industry, the 5G network is a game-changer. Enabled fast wireless data communication is essential not only for critical assignments but also for developing solutions beneficial for both the military and the general public. Such solutions include rapid threat detection using drones and sensors, advanced situation analytics by mission management systems, enhanced critical communication abilities that ease the collaboration of first responders, and more. 

Public safety and defence innovations at LMT

Being the first mobile operator in the Baltics to have launched a functioning 5G network, LMT has gained significant experience developing 5G-enabled solutions in various fields, including public safety and defence. In November 2020, we launched the first 5G military test site in Europe in collaboration with the Latvian National Armed Forces. It’s a crucial contribution to testing and creating new generation mobile technologies, and several applications have already been demonstrated, for example, medical VR training. 

Additionally, our solutions related to public safety include the Radio2S project and the mission management system “Viedsargs”. 

The Radio2S project is developing a deployable full-scale border monitoring system for the early detection and prevention of illegal activities over the EU’s external border, which is an active area for smugglers and traffickers. The AI-embedded system identifies and localizes radio-emitting devices and collects the data in a centralized data center. Illegal activities are differentiated from others in the border area, and the mission management system “Viedsargs” notifies the border patrol of threats.

The mission management system “Viedsargs”, however, is a modular system that allows for the safe integration of different sensors and external structures to receive a broad overview of military missions. “Viedsargs” is comprised of three components – software, a data delivery network (where 4G/5G plays an important role), and end-user devices. Users can easily access the system via the website or app. To provide secure access, “Viedsargs” uses APN and VPN tunnels for data delivery.