This project allows LMT to be among European defense industry innovators and strengthen collaboration with military industry leaders.


The fast-pace of technological development undoubtedly impacts all industries, including defense. The cellular network and 5G capabilities significantly broaden the possibilities of creating new technical solutions, and mobile operators could play an essential role in enabling their adoption. Smart and responsible use of the latest innovations in the defense area improves safety and makes it possible to avoid risking human lives in critical situations.

Project development

The iMUGS (integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) project aims to develop a “modular and remote system architecture for unmanned ground and aerial platforms” to standardize the ecosystem throughout Europe. Such scalable architecture will benefit various types of operational missions, ensure data integrity, secure communications, and strengthen resistance toward cyber and electronic warfare. The prototype of the system will then be deployed in test missions.

LMT is one of 14 consortium members of the iMUGS project, made up of leading European defense, communication, and cybersecurity companies. The project was approved by the European Commission Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) in 2020, and the EDIDP Programme contributes to the strategic autonomy of the European Union and strengthening cooperation between the Member States.

As a consortium member of the project, LMT holds responsibility for:

  • Research on communication equipment and the use of both 4G and 5G network possibilities for military purposes,
  • Product prototyping alongside guest subcontractors,
  • Organizing demonstrations of 5G network commercial functionalities in Latvia, and more.

LMT holds specific knowledge regarding the use of 4G/5G/LTE public networks for military use. In November 2020, in collaboration with the Latvian National Armed Forces, the mobile operator launched the first 5G military test site in Europe. Its functioning 5G base station and 5G coverage on the site enables a broad development and testing of new generation technologies.

A solution for various defense challenges

The expected outcomes of the iMUGS project hold great potential for providing solutions to a broad range of defense industry challenges. Moreover, the project demonstrates its uniqueness by combining several nations’ capabilities to achieve a shared goal of developing a scalable system that allows for the integration of various unmanned assets.

The iMUGS project is the first EDIDP project with LMT’s participation and first project for Latvia. Being involved in the project allows LMT to establish important relations with partner companies and take a leading role in developing and implementing European-scale innovations and innovative tech products for export purposes.

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