Mission Management System

The Mission Management System to help arrive at those coveted words – “Mission Accomplished” – faster.


Regardless of what your mission may be – rescue, research, expeditions, training exercises, etc., – new information inevitably presents itself. Where and when will support crews arrive? Is the territory evacuated? What valuable information has the drone detected? What are the most recent instructions from the command center? Unfortunately, often information is conveyed late and fragmented, or uncoordinated execution between all involved parties delay the effective and successful completion of missions.


The Mission Management System is an end-to-end situational awareness platform whose goal is to facilitate safe and effective collaboration, interoperability, and information exchange among individuals and technical components in missions of a variety of type and scope. This platform encompasses three crucial components  – software, data delivery network, and end-user devices and/or sensors.


The centralized system is built keeping the latest tendencies and theories in military and strategic communication in mind. The system is built around the idea of a centralized flow of information and decentralized decision making. This approach increases the efficiency of decision making and increases mission participant autonomy at various levels.

An integral aspect of the platform is the ability to perform initial data analysis through the use of artificial intelligence. The significance lies in that nowadays the challenge is not to collect the data, but rather to quickly and efficiently understand which data is meaningful in the given situation.


To avoid unsanctioned access to the platform’s existing data, special attention has been allocated to every level of security risks.

  • At the user level – the platform is accessible only through two-factor authentication.
  • At a software level – the system’s code is developed in LMT’s safe development environment, in rigidly controlled circumstances.
  • At the data delivery level – APN and VPN tunnels are used, and on top of that, in the 5G network we will be able to provide a private network slice for these missions.
  • At the device level – we recommend using tried and tested devices from reputable manufacturers.

LMT offers both complete platform integration and customization for each specific situation, as well as individual consultations and component delivery.

This platform encompasses three crucial components – software, data delivery network, and end-user devices and/or sensors.

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